Spring II Session starts March 7, 2022

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A Legacy of Educating Working Adults

For more than 60 years, UMass Global has provided working adults the education they need to be successful in their lives – their careers, their families, and their communities.

Spring Session II starts on March 7, 2022.

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Institutional Learning Outcomes

University of Massachusetts Global provides core learning values and experiences for all undergraduate students. Based on the Lumina Degree Qualifications Profile, University of Massachusetts Global baccalaureate graduates will demonstrate key competencies that will prepare them for life-long participation in the knowledge-based world of the 21st century upon finishing a degree at an institution. ILOs measure the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that students are expected to develop as a result of their overall experiences in an undergraduate program, based on a signature assignment that demonstrates mastery of the learning outcome.

Civic Engagement
Describe insights gained from engaging physically and/or intellectually with activities of personal and public concern that are both individually life enriching and socially beneficial to the community.

Integrated Learning
Devise connections among experiences inside and outside the formal classroom, or connections among multiple fields of study.

Applied Learning
Design a project, paper, performance, or other appropriate task linking knowledge skills from work, experiential learning, or community activities with knowledge acquired in academic disciplines.

Innovation and Creativity
Construct a novel or unique idea, question, format, or product.

Global Cultures
Explain the relationship between a global issue and the history, values, politics, economy, communication styles, or beliefs and practices of one or more cultures affected by that issue.

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Use this area to explain that online education may be independent, but students don’t have to do this alone! Highlight enrollment coaches here & encourage prospective students to connect with one.

Find A Program

Use this area to explain that online education may be independent, but students don’t have to do this alone! Highlight enrollment coaches here & encourage prospective students to connect with one.

Explore four ways to turn what you already know into credits towards your degree.

Discover financial aid options that can put completing your education within reach including employer reimbursement, military and veteran benefits, and scholarships.


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Gordon Winn
The fact that Brandman University* was a nonprofit school, really sealed the deal for me. I wanted to be able to attend a college, where I knew that my money, my tuition, was being used for the school and not being paid to the shareholders.
Gordon W. | BA, Organizational Leadership
*Brandman University is now UMass Global
The distinguished faculty at Brandman* and their dedication to their students as well as the administration have made it possible for us students to overcome the challenges we faced and helped us bring our educational goals to fruition.
Maribel L. | B.A. Legal Studies
*Brandman University is now UMass Global
Obtaining an MBA always was on my bucket list, however, until I found Brandman* I was facing large loans and a strict school regiment. The flexibility of Brandman’s* program along with Kia’s tuition assistance made the perfect combination. An MBA gave me the self-confidence to trust my ideas and question conventional thinking.
Julie M. | MBA
*Brandman University is now UMass Global
I would recommend Brandman* for a quality education to anyone. I know the faculty is absolutely committed to a quality education. They’ll make sure that you’ll get what you’re coming there for, the knowledge you need.
James M. | MA Organizational Leadership
*Brandman University is now UMass Global
Going back to school helped me get out of my comfort zone. It helped me get past the ‘we’ve always done it that way’ mentality. I learned that I needed to innovate personally, professionally and to help other become more innovative.
Keith F. | MBA Program

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