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University of Massachusetts Global’s MyPath provides a new option for earning your online Bachelor’s or Master's degree while working full time. With the MyPath programs, you are in control of your schedule and the pace at which courses are completed. And unlike any other type of degree program, your prior work experience can assist you in passing courses quickly.

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If I put more time in it I can get it done faster.  The best part is that you find out what you do know and what you need to know.
Venita C. | MyPath BBA, Information Systems Management
The courses are designed to allow me to apply the knowledge immediately. The assignments often support initiatives I am working on within my job such as public speaking and written communication, which allows me to demonstrate my career development improvements.
Current Student | MyPath
I actually got to be part of a team to write the policies and procedures at my work. I don't think I would have been able to be a part of that team if I hadn't finished the English curriculum and that was all because I started here at Brandman*.
Real World Experience With Immediate Value | MyPath BBA
*Brandman University is now UMass Global
Being a college graduate has been on my ‘bucket’ list for over 20 years. Finishing college will be a huge feeling of accomplishment.
Current Student | MyPath
The flexibility is 100% my favorite thing. There are no deadlines. It means that if something does get in the way I don't get stressed about that.
Colin G. | MyPath BBA, Management and Organizational Leadership
The greatest value to me is the flexibility of the program because I travel frequently. It allows me to complete my degree while working in a challenging career that does not have predictable schedules or demands.
Current Student | MyPath
On several occasions, the conversations turn to where ‘we’ went to school… I secretly cringe waiting for them to ask what my degree is in. I feel this is the one place where I lack credibility in my job... and where having a degree will make a difference.
Current Student | MyPath
The faculty is always available and responsive; they work within my schedule when making appointments even if that means after 5:00 PM or on the weekends. They are extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and encouraging.
Current Student | MyPath
From the very start of my inquiry I have been impressed by the overwhelming support I receive from the entire team. The MyPath team is organized in such a way that all of my needs are met and exceed my expectation.
Current Student | MyPath
I love that I am in control of the pace of my program yet the material is challenging and comprehensive.
Current Student | MyPath
When comparing the CBE experience to my previous traditional college experience, the CBE program is so much more fitting in allowing me to maintain a full time job and complete my degree.
Current Student | MyPath
So far, my main interaction has been with Tutorial Faculty. Having been out of school for a very long time and never having written anything of much significance at the college level, I was very intimidated by my first written final assessment. Being able to send her my work and receive feedback made me feel much more confident about the work I was producing and eventually submitted for grading.
Current Student | MyPath
Pace is up to me, which is the way I need it. There are times when I am super motivated and can sit for 3-4 hours doing school work and times when I start, get 15 minutes in, can't concentrate and have to walk away. I know that completing my degree from a timing standpoint is completely up to me.
Current Student | MyPath
In some of the early competencies (Strategies, Marketing, etc.) I sailed through a lot of the coursework because it was material that I already use in my workplace.
Current Student | MyPath

Frequently Asked Questions


Will this be a recognized degree in the work place?

UMass Global MyPath is regionally accredited through WSCUC (WASC Senior College and University Commission), just like our traditional campus and online programs.

What types of assessments will I take?

  • Throughout the associates and bachelor’s programs, you will progress through personalized lessons and quizzes. When you score above 80% on these, you will move onto the next objective. You can retake personalized lessons and quizzes as many times as you would like.
  • Aside from personalized lessons and quizzes, there will be milestones where you will share your thoughts on the curriculum and what you learned with a Tutorial Faculty member.
  • You will earn college credit in this program by mastering your competencies. Mastery means you score of 80% or better on all final assessments. A final assessment will either be a multiple choice exam, a paper, or a project-based assignment.


What are the cost for tuition and books?

UMass Global's MyPath™ competency-based programs are a flat fee per CBE Academic Year and tuition is all inclusive; providing access to digital textbooks, competency study materials and Chapman University’s Leatherby Library, and UMass Global’s online writing, math and career services communities.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes! You can apply at and use school code 041618.


Will my previous college credits transfer in?

  • Prior coursework, with a minimum of B- or better from regionally accredited institutions will first be evaluated against UMass Global’s credit hour-based courses.
  • Once prior credit has been determined to be equivalent to UMass Global’s credit hour-based program, the university will then determine whether or not you will receive transfer credit for any of the competencies in the MyPath program.
  • Prior transfer credit must be applicable to the MyPath program and count toward its graduation requirements. For more information, an Enrollment Coach can provide to you a transfer guide.

Will I get credit in the program for my work or “life” experience?

  • Many competencies start with an assessment to set a knowledge baseline. The program then adapts itself according to your specific skills. You can spend more time concentrating on the areas where you need more growth and less time on topics you know well, allowing you to complete the program at a potentially quicker pace.
  • Although prior life experience cannot directly satisfy academic credit and official degree requirements, the skills that you have learned in the real world can definitely help you potentially pace through the program faster

UMass Global MyPath is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission and the U.S. Department of Education. The curriculum in the UMass Global MyPath program is accredited and equal to a traditional program, but is delivered in a different and innovative way.

As you progress, select programs are awarded digital “badges” for competencies you have mastered, providing a way to show what skills and abilities you have gained. The badges will be awarded as certification of skills, and can be displayed on LinkedIn and other social networks, online resumes and professional portfolios. The number of competencies required range from 39-60 depending on the program.

CBEN Member

University of Massachusetts Global is a member of C-BEN. C-BEN recognizes that today, competency-based education is still an emerging field with a small number of people and institutions understanding enough to describe it or implement it. C-BEN’s efforts focus on three main priorities: growing demand, building capacity, and removing barriers.

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