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University of Massachusetts Global offers 16 bachelor’s degree core areas, such as business, information technology, psychology, legal studies, and criminal justice. Within those areas, we give you 33 concentrations to develop a focused, valuable skill set.

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Earning a bachelor’s degree increases your earning potential. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the median earnings of those with a bachelor’s degree is 55% higher than the earnings of those who completed high school. Having a bachelor's degree has become a basic requirement for many desirable jobs and most supervisory positions. It's one investment sure to pay dividends!


  • Many of our bachelor’s degree programs offer a choice when it comes to an area of emphasis. Customize your degree with a specialty that matches your career goals.
  • UMass Global offers accredited competency-based bachelor’s degrees, allowing employed students to progress at their own pace while learning online. These programs allow you to draw upon life and professional experiences to help you complete courses quickly and affordably.
  • Military-friendly University of Massachusetts Global is consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report for Best Online Bachelor's Programs for Veterans offering 46 credits for military experience. Additional credits are available through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST).

Interested in an associate or bachelor’s degree program? Review the requirements for your specific program, fill out the online admissions application, and request and submit your transcripts.

Financial aid is available for undergraduates enrolled in degree programs and teacher credential programs in the form of need-based and non-need based grants, loans and outside scholarships.

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BA in Liberal Studies, Multiple Subject Teaching

Arts and Sciences

Whether you're laying the groundwork to earn a teaching credential for elementary education in California, or you simply seek a bachelor's degree with a broad liberal studies foundation, the UMass Global Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies is the perfect choice.


BA in Applied Studies

Arts and Sciences

Explore multicultural perspectives, sociological change, technological advances and leadership theories in today's workforce. This cross-disciplinary curriculum will build your technical and occupational skills and prepare you for success.


BA in Applied Studies, Applied Communication

Arts and Sciences

This degree completion program prepares students for the world of communications by exploring traditional and modern forms of communication as well as its history and how technology has impacted the way people interact with each other.


BA in Applied Studies, Applied Humanities

Arts and Sciences

This degree completion program is well suited for those working in law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire authority, and other professional industries looking for career advancement. It includes foundation courses like intercultural communication, media ethics, and professional writing.


BA in Applied Studies, Leadership

Arts and Sciences

This degree completion programs is specifically tailored for the career needs of police officers, EMS workers, firefighters, and other professionals looking to make an impact on their communities with positive change and exemplary leadership.


If I put more time in it I can get it done faster.  The best part is that you find out what you do know and what you need to know.
Venita C.
BBA, Information Systems Management (MyPath)

I actually had a counselor that would call me, just to see how I was doing in school. Was there any additional assistance that I needed? To me that was showing me that they have value in what I’m doing.

Rojelio Morales
BA, Organizational Leadership

When you take those things that you learn in school and apply it, it makes so much sense how you're able to lead; and then you become a better leader. Within two years after going back to school I was recognized and received a 2018 non-commission officer of the year award. And that was all, I feel, because of my education.

Jorge H.
BA, Applied Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

 Find out more about the basics of earning a bachelor's degree and discover how it can help you achieve your goals. 

  • A bachelor’s degree is a type of undergraduate academic program that prepares students for a particular career or interest. Traditionally it’s pursued immediately after high school, but not always. Some may choose to take a break for work or life while others may begin with an associate degree before advancing.
  • A bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to complete. Some schools, like UMass Global, however offer self-paced online bachelor’s degree programs that allow students to control their own timeline, which can possibly reduce this window. Learn more about competency-based learning
  • A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is typically more flexible and interdisciplinary, encouraging a broad, well-rounded education with a focus on humanities, such as literature, languages, philosophy, and social sciences. At UMass Global, we offer 20 Bachelor of Arts degrees in our school of Arts & Sciences. Beyond the specific curriculum or major, however, simply attaining a bachelor’s degree of any type has been shown to result in higher lifetime earnings when compared to those having only a high school diploma. See more benefits.
  • Different countries have varying names for their equivalent education standards that translate to the U.S. bachelor’s degree, with most requiring about four years of study. Many professional fields expect candidates to have this foundational level completed, but employers may consider 4-8 years of work experience in a related field equivalent. This is far from guaranteed, however, as many jobs in today's working world simply require the applicant has at least a bachelor's degree to even apply.
  • Both are useful but have different areas of focus. A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology is very versatile and can open up career opportunities in fields like social work, criminal justice and child psychology, while a Bachelor of Science (BS) typically prepares you for more research-based and clinical work.  

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