MA in Organizational Leadership (MyPath)

UMass Global's self-paced MyPath Master of Organizational Leadership online is built to help you harness your professional motivation and drive change from within an organization

Self-Paced MAOL Online Degree Overview

The UMass Global MAOL online Competency-Based program is a self-paced learning format based on competency mastery. If you are a self-starting professional who wants to use your experience to become proficient in desired skills and complete the program faster, this online organizational leadership degree is designed specifically for you.

Choose from one of three tracks that meets your educational needs; Standard Track, Military Track, or the Project Management Track.

As a MyPath master's in organizational leadership online student, you will:

  • Enhance possible promotion opportunities.
  • Gain career transition techniques.
  • Start any week you’re ready.
  • Move entirely at your own pace.
  • Apply military schooling toward your degree*.

* Requirements vary. Consult your academic advisor for more information.

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UMass Global is a member of C-BEN. C-BEN recognizes that today, competency-based education is still an emerging field with a small number of people and institutions understanding enough to describe it or implement it. C-BEN’s efforts focus on three main priorities: growing demand, building capacity, and removing barriers.

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    As a transfer student through a former employer, I earned my BA in Applied Communications at UMass Global. The accessible, understanding professors and academic structure inspired me to reapply for grad school. UMass Global is my 'One Stop' university, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.
    Rennetta C.
    MA, Organizational Leadership (MyPath)
    The MAOL program expanded my understanding of how people interact, revealed shortfalls within those interactions and allowed me to use newly developed skills to fill needed areas in communication and leadership.
    Angelo C.
    MA, Organizational Leadership,

    Admission Requirements

    Applicants for this master's degree program must complete the formal application process with all required documents, which include:

    • Completed application
    • 2.75 grade point average (GPA)
    • Official transcripts from all regionally accredited institutions where baccalaureate and/or post-baccalaureate coursework was completed or attempted

    Only credits from regionally accredited institutions may be accepted in transfer. Failure to report any previous academic work at another college or university may be considered a violation of academic integrity.

    Graduate Level Exams

    Most of UMass Global’s Master Degree programs do not require a graduate level exam; however, there are a few that do. For detailed information about which UMass Global programs have graduate exam and minimum test score requirements, please reference the University of Massachusetts Global Catalog.


    Master's in Organizational Leadership Program Curriculum

    The competency-based Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program consists of three Domains, each with four competencies, for a total of 12 competencies overall. Domain 1 focuses on the leadership foundations. Domain 2, which includes a capstone competency to reinforce the application of concepts and theories learned throughout the degree program, focuses on leadership practices.

    Students complete one of the three tracks in Domain 3: 1) Standard Track,  2) Military Track for eligible military and veterans only, or  3) Project Management Track for students who have completed the UC, Irvine Extension Project Management Certificate.

    • Domain 1: Leadership Foundations - Core

      OLCC 501: Data-Driven Decision-Making and Planning

      Analyze research and scholarly sources to make sound organizational decisions.

      OLCC 600: Foundations of Organizational Leadership

      Evaluate classical and contemporary leadership theories to refine leadership practices.

      OLCC 601: Ethical Leadership and Decision Making

      Apply ethical principles to inform decision-making.

      HRCC 603: Globalization and Diversity

      Assess inclusive leadership strategies as they relate to leadership in a global and diverse organization.

      Domain 2: Leadership Practices - Core

      OLCC 613: Organizational Theory and Behavior

      Apply motivation and behavioral theories to impact organizational performance.

      OLCC 614: Team Leadership and Collaboration

      Utilize team-building principles to promote organizational effectiveness.

      OLCC 615: Change Management

      Evaluate theories and models that leaders implement to effectively lead change.

      OLCC 681: Organizational Leadership Capstone

      Evaluate a strategic organizational issue from multiple perspectives to recommend effective leadership approaches and an action plan.

    • Domain 3: Expanding Leadership Foundations and Practices - Standard Track (Core Supporting)

      BUSC 600: Leadership and Business Operations

      Examine the impact of core business functions essential to organizational decision-making.

      BUSC 683: Strategic Project Management

      Create a strategic project management plan that aligns with the organizational mission.

      HRCC 630: Conflict and Negotiation

      Apply conflict resolution strategies within an organizational setting.

      OLCC 632: Leadership and Innovation

      Apply innovative frameworks and strategies to address organizational problems.

    • Domain 3: Expanding Leadership Foundations and Practices - Military Track (Core Supporting)

      HRCC 618: Career Management

      Create effective personal and organizational career development plans.

      HRCC 646: Training and Development

      Apply effective training and development practices to meet individual and organizational needs.

      OLCC 641: Leadership in Military Communication

      Apply appropriate communication strategies, formats and principles in military scenarios.

      OLCC 643: Military Operations Leadership

      Apply military operations principles and theories to meet established objectives.

    • Domain 3: Expanding Leadership Foundations and Practices - Project Management Track (Core Supporting)

      BUSC 685: Project Planning

      Create a comprehensive project plan.

      BUSC 686: Project Execution

      Recommend strategies that promote project management efficiency for a project in an organization.

      BUSC 687: Managing Multiple Projects

      Develop effective strategies for managing multiple projects within an organization.

    • Domain 3: Expanding Leadership Foundations and Practices - Elective Transfer Track (Core Supporting)

      Twelve credit transfer of select elective competencies in disciplines related to Leadership, Administration and/or Management may be applied to fulfill the requirements of Domain 3 for this degree program.

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