MA in Education, Curriculum and Instruction

Innovate and energize your curriculum design and instruction to better relate to today’s learners. This Master of Arts in Education will expand your career options and earning potential.

Invigorate your Curriculum Development and Instruction

Learn to create an engaging curriculum that speaks to students across the learning spectrum, from K-12 classrooms to corporate training. Understand how your students will interact with your coursework through in-person and online instruction. Your innovative curricula will satisfy the demands of educational systems and other settings, effectively teaching learners of all backgrounds and ability levels. Engage in a scaffolded iterative approach that grows and refines problem-solving skills that apply to practical, real-life scenarios.

  • 100% Online
    Our online coursework is designed for adult learners, allowing the flexibility you need.
  • Improving Your Teaching
    Our faculty are experienced educators who connect individually with students, providing concepts immediately applicable in your practice.
  • Real-World Instruction
    Understand how today’s diverse body of students interacts with evolving instruction methods and technologies, adapting your instruction accordingly.
  • Innovative Curricula
    Coursework covers modern design and instructional practices, while students learn through experiencing the intentional use of online instruction for improved student engagement.

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Fall I (Aug 26, 2024)

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    My academic advisor was a great support system. He was my advisor throughout my program and he took the time to learn about me personally so we could make the best schedule to accommodate my life.
    Steve L.
    MA in Education, Teaching and Learning
    The pandemic has changed the way we see our practice and afforded us this opportunity to be more reflective and strategic in our thinking about instruction.
    Dr. Kimberly Greene
    Professor, Chair MAE CT
    Click here to view Dr. Kimberly Greene discuss what is "Instructional Technology" and who should enroll. 
    Not all doctoral programs are alike. I loved the cohort model becuase I not only earned my doctorate I also gained lifelong friends and a network of professionals I can rely on. The Ed.D. program taught me to be confident and thoughtful in my leadership decisions.
    Linda C.
    Organizational Leadership, Ed.D.

    Admission Requirements

    Applicants for this program must complete the formal application process with all required documents, which include:

    • Completed application
    • 2.75 grade point average (GPA)
    • Official transcripts from all regionally accredited institutions where baccalaureate and/or post-baccalaureate coursework was completed or attempted
    Graduate Level Exams

    For information about exam/test score requirements, please reference the University of Massachusetts Global Catalog


    Master of Arts in Education Program Curriculum

    • EDUU 600 Research and Evaluation Methods 3
      EDUU 605 Democracy, Education and Social Change 3
      EDUU 606 Seminar in Learning Theory 3
      EDUU 607 Seminar in Comparative Education 3
      EDUU 608 Seminar in the Social Foundations of Education 3
      EDUU 609 Seminar in Curriculum Studies 3
      Core Courses Subtotal 18

    • Prerequisite: Candidates must have a teaching credential or must take EDUU 515 Teaching the Adult Learner-Teaching the Adult Learner, before beginning any coursework in the MAE, Curriculum and Instruction. Candidates may take EDUU 515 Teaching the Adult Learner concurrently with EDUU 600 Research and Evaluation Methods.

      Code Course Name Credits
      EDCI 631 Differentiated Instruction in Multicultural and Multi-Ability Classrooms


      EDCI 633 Instructional Leadership for Practitioners


      EDCI 634 Issues and Trends in Contemporary Curriculum: Expertise Paper Development


      Select one from the following:


      EDUU 511
      Collaboration For Inclusive Schooling


      EDUU 512
      The Art & Craft of Teaching


      EDUU 526
      Theories in Language Structure and Acquisition


      EDUU 527
      English Language and Literacy Development


      EDUU 528
      Content-Based Instruction and Assessment for Linguistic Minority Students: SDAIE


      EDUU 560
      Teaching Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities


      EDUU 570
      Voice, Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice


      EDUU 575
      Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders: Etiologies and Characteristics


      EDUU 612
      Domestic Experiential Education


      EDUU 613
      International Experiential Education


          EDUU 614 Data Driven Leadership in Educational Organizations  
          EDUU 615 Engaging Stakeholders in Educational Organizations  
          EDUU 616 Leading Change in Educational Organizations  
          EDUU 624 Foundations of 21st Century Teaching  
      EDMU 520
      Literacy and Language in K-8 Classrooms I


      EDMU 521
      Literacy and Language in K-8 Classrooms II


      EDMU 523
      History, Social Science and Visual/Performing Arts in K-8 Classrooms


      EDMU 524
      Teaching and Learning Mathematics in K-8 Classrooms


      EDMU 525
      Teaching and Learning Science in K-8 Classrooms


      EDSU 530
      Theories, Methods, and Materials for Teaching English Learners


      EDSU 531
      Secondary Instructional Strategies for Language/Culturally Diverse Classrooms


      EDSU 532
      Effective Literacy Instruction for Single Subject Candidates


      EDSU 533
      Content Specific Strategies for Single Subjects (Series)


      EDSU 534
      Preparing 21st Century Learners: A Collaborative and Integrated Approach


      Total Credits


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    Learn more about teaching strategies that can prepare you for the classroom.

    MAE Curriculum and Instruction

    What is a Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction?

    An MAE in Curriculum and Instruction focuses on transforming the educational landscape through improved curriculum design and teaching best practices. Practitioners — instructional coordinators — design, implement, and evaluate instructional materials and programs to ensure they adhere to organizational standards and deliver effective outcomes. The result is a better-educated population with superior achievements, goal attainment, and career outcomes.

    Is it worth getting a master's in teaching?

    Obtaining a master’s degree in teaching can be beneficial for several reasons.

    First, it can qualify individuals for advanced teaching roles and can lead to increased earning potential. Many school districts require or prefer teachers to have a master’s degree for certain positions, such as department head or instructional coach.

    Additionally, a master’s degree in teaching often provides opportunities for professional development and can deepen an individual's understanding of effective teaching practices and strategies. It can also provide access to specialized knowledge and skills in curriculum development, assessment, and instructional technology.

    A master’s degree in teaching can also provide career advancement opportunities for individuals who wish to move into administrative or leadership roles within education.

    Whether or not a master’s degree in teaching is worth it depends on an individual's specific career goals and aspirations. It is essential to research and understand the benefits and opportunities that a master’s degree in teaching can provide before deciding.

    What is the study of curriculum and instruction?

    Curriculum and instruction is the study of the design, development, implementation/facilitation, and evaluation of education — from individual lessons to full blown programs. Beyond coursework, an in-depth examination of teaching methods, philosophies, and strategies used to deliver what has been designed is an equally important component of this work. It involves understanding how to create and organize curriculum content, align instruction with curriculum goals and standards, and assess student learning and progress. It also involves understanding how to create a compelling and engaging learning environment and support all students' diverse needs.

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