New Intern Pathway Opportunity!! In 16 weeks, it is possible to be an Intern in the classroom.

Teaching Credential, 2042 Single Subject

The California 2042 Single Subject Teaching Credential authorizes you to teach a specific subject, such as English or biology, in most middle and high schools. Plus, our Internship Pathway Campaign allows you to become intern eligible after just four classes!

Become an Excellent Middle or High School Teacher

This California teaching credential is the final step to entering the classroom as the teacher of record in departmentalized secondary schools, teaching a single subject such as English, algebra, chemistry, or history. During your first term, you’ll build your foundation with two introductory teaching courses, while proving your subject matter competency. From there, you’ll expand your classroom strategies, employing the latest learning theory and meeting Common Core standards. After your first four courses, you’ll be intern eligible, enabling you to start teaching, earning a salary while completing your credential in as little as 10 months.

  • Specialty Content Teaching Strategies - We offer the following content areas — English, World Languages, Math, History/SS, PE/Health, Science, and Music/Art.
  • Curriculum Design, Classroom Management - You’ll use California content standards to learn to design engaging lessons and will develop skills in planning and differentiating instruction, classroom management, and assessment.
  • CTC-Accredited Credential - Credential courses and fieldwork experiences are aligned with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Teaching Performance Expectations and other state standards.

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Fall I (Aug 26, 2024)

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University of Massachusetts Global is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)

California Commission on Teaching Credentialing

University of Massachusetts Global's School of Education is accredited by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing.

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    Noe Gomez
    From the onset, being a student at UMass Global was an amazing experience. The advisors, instructors, support-staff, and other personnel were pivotal in ensuring my experience was rewarding and seamless. UMass Global provided me with the opportunity to continue working at my school-site all the while securing my teaching credential.
    Noe Alberto G.
    Teaching Credential, Single Subject in Chemistry/Biology
    My experience with my University Supervisor for the Internship Program has been amazing. He is in constant communication with me for assignments and debriefs, always provides professional feedback, and is willing to do whatever he can to help me in any way.
    Arika O.
    Teaching Credential, Single Subject with CLAD, Intern PE Teacher, Quartz Hill High School
    Annie Mae Bohnsack
    If I were to give any advice it is this...the teaching credential program can be challenging, but you are not alone in it. You have classmates and professors that want to support you and help you reach your educational goals.
    Annie Mae B.
    MA in Teaching, Single Subject Physical Education

    Admission Requirements

    Applicants to the teaching credential program must complete the formal application process with all required documents, which include:

    • Completed application
    • 2.75 grade point average (GPA)
    • Official transcripts showing a conferred Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution
    California Only

    Successful completion of this program leads to state licensure, which is limited to the state of California and approval by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

    Letter of Good Standing

    Applicants transferring from another institution's teaching credential program must supply a letter from that institution's Education Department attesting to the applicant's good standing in the program. The letter should be written on institutional letterhead by the Dean, department chair, director of teacher education, or someone in a similar position

    Subject Matter Verification

    Subject matter competency must be fulfilled to qualify for enrollment in student teaching or internship. Candidates must sign an intent to satisfy the subject matter competency requirement through one of the following: CSET exam; subject matter preparation program; approved coursework aligned with subject matter domains; or approved academic degree.


    Single Subject Credential Curriculum

    In the Single Subject Teaching Credential program at UMass Global, students can complete their credential in as little as 10 months with 33 required credits. The curriculum offers an embedded support course to assist candidates with all state credential requirements. There are two pathways: internship and student teaching. Students initially enroll in the internship pathway, but have the option to switch to student teaching if desired or if internship requirements cannot be met. It's important to note that an internship is not guaranteed, as candidates must secure a paid internship position on their own. The curriculum is designed to provide comprehensive preparation for aspiring educators, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience to ensure readiness for the classroom.
    • Code Course Name Credits
      Introductory Block


      EDUU 510*  Introduction to Teaching


      EDUU 511*  Collaboration for Inclusive Schooling


      EDUU 512*  The Art & Craft of Teaching


      Content Area Block


      EDSU 532*  Effective Literacy Instruction for Single Subject Candidates


      *Candidates may be intern eligible after taking the above 4 courses


      EDSU 530  Theories, Methods, and Materials for Teaching English Learners


      EDSU 531  Secondary Instructional Strategies for Language/Culturally Diverse Classrooms


      EDSU 533

      Content Specific Strategies for Single Subjects (Series)
      Choose from one of the following: English, World Languages, Math, History/SS, PE/Health, Science, Music/Art


      EDSU 534  Preparing 21st Century Learners: A Collaborative and Integrated Approach


      Single Subject Candidates will choose one of the EDSU 5333 Contetn Specific Strategies for Single Subjects series below:


      EDSU 533 - A Effective English/Language Arts Instruction for Single Subject Candidates 3
      EDSU 533 - B Effective Instruction in Languages Other Than English for Single Subject Candidates 3
      EDSU 533 - C
      Effective Mathematics Instruction for Single Subject Candidates 3
      EDSU 533 - D
      Effective History/Social Science Instruction for Single Subject Candidates 3
      EDSU 533 - E
      Effective Health Science and Physical Education Instruction for Single Subject Candidates 3
      EDSU 533 - F Effective Science Instruction for Single Subject Candidates 3
      EDSU 533 - H Effective Music and Visual Arts Instruction for Single Subject Candidates 3
    • Code Course Name Credits
      Student Teaching


      EDSU 563 Initial Student Teaching - Single Subject (series)


      EDSU 564 Final Student Teaching - Single Subject (series)




      EDSU 561 Initial Clinical Practice - Single Subject (series)


      EDSU 562 Final Clinical Practice - Single Subject (series)


      Clinical Practice Subtotal


      Total Credits


      *Additional Internship Requirements


      EDUU 588 Intern Continued Supervision



      *Interns that have completed Initial and Final Clinical Practice but have not satisfied all requirements for the credential must be continuously enrolled in EDUU 588, Intern Continued Supervision, and maintain a 3.0 GPA until requirements are completed. EDUU 588 is a 0-credit course which requires a $250 fee for each session a candidate is enrolled in.

      Interns enrolled in EDUU 588 who complete their program requirements are encouraged to apply for the preliminary teacher credential as soon as they fulfill all requirements. Candidates do not need to wait until the end of EDUU 588 to start the application process.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn more about 2042 Single Subject Teaching Credential

    What is a 2042 Single Subject Teaching Credential?

    With a Single Subject Teaching Credential, you’re cleared to teach the specific subject(s) named on the credential in departmentalized classes, such as those in most California middle schools and high schools, in grades K-12, or in classes organized primarily for adults. For most, earning this credential is the last hurdle to clear before becoming an English teacher, biology teacher, or other subject teacher in traditional secondary schools (middle and high school). To earn the credential, students must complete a combination of coursework and in-person teaching (either as an intern or as a student teacher).

    What are the requirements for earning a 2042 Single Subject Teaching Credential and to then start teaching?

    To earn a Single Subject Teaching Credential in California, there are several key requirements candidates must fulfill. These requirements are designed to ensure teachers are well-prepared to provide high-quality education to students in their specialized subject area. Here are the main requirements:

    1. Bachelor's Degree — Candidates must have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university. If you want your degree to satisfy the single subject you choose for your credential, it will have to align with one of the CTC-approved subjects. Otherwise, additional coursework could be necessary to attain proficiency in that subject.

    2. Completion of a Teacher Preparation Program — Aspiring teachers must complete a CTC-approved single subject teacher preparation program, including an internship (where you are the teacher of record in the classroom) or student teaching.

    3. Demonstrate Subject Matter Competency — Candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the subject they plan to teach. This can be achieved either by completing a CTC-approved subject matter program or by passing the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) in the relevant subject area.

    4. Pass the Basic Skills Requirement — Candidates must demonstrate basic skills proficiency by passing the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) or an equivalent exam.

    5. U.S. Constitution Requirement — Candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the U.S. Constitution by completing a college-level course or passing an examination.

    6. Develop English Language Skills — Teachers must complete comprehensive reading instruction that includes the study of reading comprehension, literature, and other content area texts.

    7. Clearance of Background Check — Candidates must undergo fingerprinting and receive clearance from the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

    8. Health Clearance — Candidates must provide proof of a negative tuberculosis test within the past 60 days.

    9. Application and Fees — Submit the appropriate application and fees to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

    Find more detailed information on UMass Global’s California 2042 Single Subject Teaching Credential program here.

    How long does it take to earn a Single Subject Teaching Credential in California?

    How quickly a person can earn their 2042 California Single Subject Teaching Credential depends, of course, on how many courses are taken at a time. Most students can count on earning their credential in 12-14 months, but it can be earned more quickly.

    At UMass Global, it is possible for students to earn their credential in 10 months. A total of 33 credits are required — 24 credits (8 courses) of introductory block and content area block courses, along with two 4.5 credit internship or student teaching sections.

    How is a Single Subject Teaching Credential different from a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential?

    A Single Subject Teaching Credential in California allows you to teach a specific subject, such as math, English, science, or a foreign language, typically in middle and high schools where classes are departmentalized. This is a good choice for teachers who would rather specialize in one area and prefer to focus on teaching that subject to different classes of students.

    A Multiple Subject Teaching Credential allows you to teach all subjects in a self-contained classroom, which is common in elementary schools. This credential is ideal for those who wish to teach multiple subjects to the same group of students throughout the day, covering the broad spectrum of the elementary curriculum.

    The degree of specialization is another way to think of this. Multiple Subject Credential teachers have a general level of expertise in a variety of subjects. Single Subject Credential teachers need to have a much higher level of expertise in their specific subject, but not in other areas.

    What are the benefits of having a 2042 Single Subject Teaching Credential?

    A Single Subject Teaching Credential allows educators to specialize in a subject they're passionate about, offering the opportunity to teach in middle and high schools. This specialization leads to job flexibility, significant impact on students' futures, and personal fulfillment. It opens doors to professional development related to their subject area and can increase marketability, especially in high-demand fields like mathematics, science, and foreign languages. Furthermore, it provides a pathway for career advancement, including roles such as department heads or curriculum developers, making it a rewarding choice for those looking to deeply engage in a specific academic discipline.

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