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What can you do with a sociology degree?

November 24, 2021

what can you do with a sociology degree

If you’re pursuing a bachelor’s in sociology, you’re probably fascinated by history, culture and human nature. But you are likely also weighing future career opportunities. As you share these plans, you’ve probably been asked “What can you do with a sociology degree?”

The truth is that a sociology degree is extremely versatile and can be applied to jobs in many industries. Keep reading to learn more about the skills you’ll learn in a sociology program and gain some inspiration for potential career paths.

What do you learn in an online bachelor’s in sociology program?

Sociology students strive to better understand how social forces shape our individual experiences and choices. In a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology program, you’ll learn how to analyze society through a scientific lens.

Sociologists aim to understand things like inequality, domestic and global stratification, social institutions and the overarching impact of globalization. The curriculum is designed to help students hone skills in critical thinking, writing, research, methodology and cultural awareness.

Example classes for online bachelor’s of sociology:

  • Sociology of Conflict, Analysis and Resolution
  • Human Diversity
  • Scientific Writing in Behavioral Social Sciences
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Quantitative Methods and Social Statistics

5 Potential jobs for sociology degree holders

Sociology graduates don’t follow a singular career path. They go on to careers in healthcare, education, social work, public policy, academia, marketing and more. We used real-time job analysis software to examine nearly 35,000 job postings from the past year.* This data helped identify five of most common jobs for candidates with a bachelor’s in sociology.

1. Community health worker

As frontline professionals who act as liaisons between the public and healthcare organizations, community health workers play vital roles in society. Their job is to collect useful data, identify issues and advocate for the needs of marginalized community members.

Community health workers also help people navigate the healthcare system by connecting them with resources and referrals for basic needs like food, housing and mental health care. They typically spend a lot of time in the field working one-on-one with community members.

Sociology graduates will find plenty of opportunities to put their critical thinking, communication and intercultural competency skills to use in this field. Their understanding of social structures and stratification provide the context needed to understand and connect with the people they serve.

Median salary: The median annual wage for community health workers in 2020 was $48,140.

Career outlook: Jobs for community health workers are projected to grow 17 percent through 2030 (much faster than the average for all occupations).

2. Social science research assistant

Social science research assistants support scientists in completing lab work, surveys, interviews and analyzing results. By studying human behavior and feelings, they hope to discover new facts and verify old ones.

Sociology students make great candidates for these jobs, as they are well-versed in creating project-related reports, interpreting data and preparing presentations. For those who enjoyed their experience in academia, becoming a research assistant is an ideal option.

Median salary: The median annual wage for social science research assistants in 2020 was $49,210.

Career outlook: Jobs for social science research assistants are projected to grow 8 percent through 2030 (as fast as average for all occupations).

3. Behavioral health counselor

Behavioral health counselors are focused on helping clients take control of their lives by reinforcing desirable behaviors and eliminating harmful ones. Depending on the setting, they may work with clients who are struggling with addiction, mental health disorders, anger management, self-harming tendencies and more. Supporting these individuals requires excellent communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills, as these professionals often collaborate with other specialists and providers.

Because sociology graduates study human nature and history, they are well-equipped to understand how societal factors affect individual behavior and mental health. This is very useful context for a job as a behavioral health counselor.

Median salary: The median annual wage for behavioral health counselors in 2020 was $47,660.

Career outlook: Jobs for behavioral health counselors are projected to grow 23 percent through 2030 (much faster than the average for all occupations).

4. Market research analyst

For sociology majors who also have an interest in business, sales or advertising, a job as a market research analyst could be an excellent fit. These professionals are tasked with examining market trends and assessing the potential of new products or services. Using various data collection and interpretation methods, you can help companies decide what products to offer, who to sell them to and determine pricing strategies.

Sociology grads have extensive training in human behavior and social culture. This knowledge paired with their ability to compile and analyze data to form insights makes them well suited for a career in market research.

Median salary: The median annual wage for market research analysts in 2020 was $65,810.

Career outlook: Jobs for market research analysts are projected to grow 22 percent through 2030 (much faster than the average for all occupations).

5. Technical writer

Because technical writers are employed in many industries, responsibilities vary greatly. But they all revolve around one thing: writing. As one of these professionals, you’ll translate large amounts of complex information into useful and easy-to-read documents or resources. This could range from product descriptions on a website to instruction manuals and so much more.

The same research and communication abilities that are needed to be successful in a sociology program are also highly valuable in this position. The knowledge of human behavior and scientific writing make these graduates well-equipped for a career as a technical writer.

Median salary: The median annual wage for technical writers in 2020 was $74,650.

Career outlook: Jobs for technical writers are projected to grow 12 percent through 2030 (faster than the average for all occupations).

Take the first step towards a sociology degree today

So, what can you do with a sociology degree in today’s world? As you’ve seen, there is no single answer to that question. Sociology graduates have a lot to offer in the workplace and the world at large. The skills you’ll develop in an online sociology program are easily transferable to many kinds of careers and industries.

If your interest in this field is piqued, learn more about our Bachelor of Arts in Sociology program today!


*Source: Burning-glass.com (analysis of 34,859 job postings seeking candidates with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, Oct. 01, 2020 - Sep. 30, 2021)

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