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Flexible Learning

UMass Global offers 3 flexible ways to learn that are built for your life: 100% Online Course-Based, Hybrid Course-Based, or Online Competency-Based.

University of Massachusetts Global offers three learning formats that can work around your busy schedule: competency-based, hybrid course --based, and online course-based. A leader in online learning, UMass Global has more than 20 years’ experience in online course development, teaching, and learning. In fact, we even have a master’s program designed to prepare teachers how to teach the 21st century learner!

We recognize that every student comes to us with a different set of circumstances. That’s why UMass Global is built a little differently. We’ve taken into account that educational needs, schedules, transportation requirements, and budget constraints are factors that help determine where you earn or finish your degree.

Take advantage of UMass Global’s tradition of educational excellence combined with flexible learning formats that will work around your busy schedule. Here’s what to expect when choosing between learning formats.

100% Online Course-Based Learning

As part of our student-centric learning philosophy, we know what it takes to create meaningful connections virtually across every part of your student journey.

For busy working adults, UMass Global's in-demand degree and certificate programs ensure you can continue working while you pursue needed credentials for career advancement. Our 8-week courses are offered year-round, with six session starts a year. Flexible start times allow you to begin when you are ready, and 8-week courses let you focus on one course subject at a time before moving on to a new course.

University of Massachusetts Global offers undergraduate, graduate, credential, and certificate programs across five schools in the areas of arts and sciences, business, education, nursing and health.


Hybrid Course-Based Learning

Are you located in California or near Seattle, Washington? If so, you may elect to attend classes in a hybrid/blended format at one of our 25  local campuses. Our flexible class schedules are designed with you in mind: hybrid classes are held in the evenings to accommodate working student schedules. Each course meets one time per week for three hours with remaining coursework completed online.

Hybrid courses offer six starts per year and are eight weeks long. Part time schedules include one class per session while full time schedules require 2 or more.

Students outside CA & WA are invited to take classes 100% online in our course-based or competency-based formats.

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UMass Global MyPath

Competency-Based Online Learning – Affordable and Accessible

Do you have prior experience in Business or IT? UMass Global MyPath competency-based education (CBE) degrees are designed to help you reduce time spent on concepts you have already mastered and focus on filling in the gaps. These high-value business and information technology programs allow you to draw upon life and professional experiences so you can progress through courses more efficiently.

UMass Global MyPath degrees are accredited and completely online, allowing you to earn your degree while fully employed and progress at a pace that fits your schedule. With programs at the associate, bachelor, and master's degree levels, you can complete one of our growing programs at your own pace and apply what you learn as your progress through the program.

Affordable, accessible education is one of the University of Massachusetts Global’s top priorities. That’s why the tuition for the MyPath program is a set fee per CBE academic year. There is no limit to the number of courses you can take within a 24-week billing period, allowing you to complete your degree at your preferred pace. All books and materials are included and provided electronically.

If I put more time in it I can get it done faster.  The best part is that you find out what you do know and what you need to know.
Venita C. | MyPath BBA, Information Systems Management
The courses are designed to allow me to apply the knowledge immediately. The assignments often support initiatives I am working on within my job such as public speaking and written communication, which allows me to demonstrate my career development improvements.
Current Student | MyPath
I actually got to be part of a team to write the policies and procedures at my work. I don't think I would have been able to be a part of that team if I hadn't finished the English curriculum and that was all because I started here at Brandman*.
Real World Experience With Immediate Value | MyPath BBA
*Brandman University is now UMass Global
Being a college graduate has been on my ‘bucket’ list for over 20 years. Finishing college will be a huge feeling of accomplishment.
Current Student | MyPath
The flexibility is 100% my favorite thing. There are no deadlines. It means that if something does get in the way I don't get stressed about that.
Colin G. | MyPath BBA, Management and Organizational Leadership
The greatest value to me is the flexibility of the program because I travel frequently. It allows me to complete my degree while working in a challenging career that does not have predictable schedules or demands.
Current Student | MyPath
On several occasions, the conversations turn to where ‘we’ went to school… I secretly cringe waiting for them to ask what my degree is in. I feel this is the one place where I lack credibility in my job... and where having a degree will make a difference.
Current Student | MyPath
The faculty is always available and responsive; they work within my schedule when making appointments even if that means after 5:00 PM or on the weekends. They are extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and encouraging.
Current Student | MyPath
From the very start of my inquiry I have been impressed by the overwhelming support I receive from the entire team. The MyPath team is organized in such a way that all of my needs are met and exceed my expectation.
Current Student | MyPath
I love that I am in control of the pace of my program yet the material is challenging and comprehensive.
Current Student | MyPath
When comparing the CBE experience to my previous traditional college experience, the CBE program is so much more fitting in allowing me to maintain a full time job and complete my degree.
Current Student | MyPath
So far, my main interaction has been with Tutorial Faculty. Having been out of school for a very long time and never having written anything of much significance at the college level, I was very intimidated by my first written final assessment. Being able to send her my work and receive feedback made me feel much more confident about the work I was producing and eventually submitted for grading.
Current Student | MyPath
Pace is up to me, which is the way I need it. There are times when I am super motivated and can sit for 3-4 hours doing school work and times when I start, get 15 minutes in, can't concentrate and have to walk away. I know that completing my degree from a timing standpoint is completely up to me.
Current Student | MyPath
In some of the early competencies (Strategies, Marketing, etc.) I sailed through a lot of the coursework because it was material that I already use in my workplace.
Current Student | MyPath