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5 Ways UMass Global stands out as a leader in online education

UMass Global Leader in Online Learning

If you’re finally ready to go back to school after gaining years of valuable experience in the workforce, you want to make sure your education lives up to your high goals and standards. Not all online degrees are created equal so it's imperative to do your research.

While many institutions have recently made hasty transitions into the online learning space, University of Massachusetts Global is no stranger to the world of distance learning. In fact, our programs are backed by more than 20 years of experience providing quality online education to busy working professionals.

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5 Reasons UMass Global stands out from other online institutions

We enlisted Jennifer Murphy, Ed.D., associate vice chancellor of instructional innovation at UMass Global, to help us highlight some of the ways we stand out in the crowded field of online education.

1. Our curricula is specifically designed for online learning and is constantly evolving

Formerly Brandman University, UMass Global has long been a pioneer in distance education. We recognized decades ago that applying an in-person class syllabus to a virtual learning environment does not create an enjoyable student experience.

Today, our online classes are developed to be rigorous, yet accessible. During the course planning stage, faculty collect input from diverse groups of experts. The inclusion of multiple perspectives, experiences and leading industry insights ensures curriculum is highly valuable to our students.

“We want to honor our students’ time, because they’re busy,” Murphy explains. “They want to come to class and learn about things that are relevant to exactly what they’re doing now in the profession.”

At UMass Global, we remain committed to continual curriculum improvement in order to ensure our students acquire skills that can be directly applied to their careers. We are constantly reviewing and assessing our courses to improve them based on input from students, instructors and industry experts.

2. Our faculty members are extensively trained in online teaching technology

Being a student in a class where the instructor doesn’t know how to effectively utilize their tools can be frustrating and demotivating. Even if the educator is highly skilled in their field, a lack of technological proficiency can undermine their best efforts.

UMass Global faculty members are not only highly experienced leaders in their fields, but they are also highly skilled in leveraging effective online instruction methods. This is the result of extensive training programs and support from the university.

“All of our instructors are educated on the best practices for instructing in the online environment,” Murphy explains.

You shouldn’t be spending the bulk of your time trying to figure out how to use a learning platform – or helping your professor to do so. We are intentional about choosing the right technology for the task and making sure students have access to all the training and tutorials needed to become proficient quickly.

“Students find out pretty quickly that once they are in the course, the content becomes front and center rather than the technology,” Murphy says.

We work hard to ensure that technology is as seamless as possible for our students and faculty, but if you are having issues, we have a dedicated team of IT experts on hand to help you troubleshoot.

3. Our personalized approach allows you to customize your learning experience

UMass Global knows that adult learners lead busy lives and have many obligations outside of school. That’s why we offer two flexible learning options – online and competency-based education (MyPath) – so you can choose the option that works best for you.

“If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter degree program that is just going to get you a piece of paper at the end, this isn’t the university for you,” Murphy shares. UMass Global provides students with the support they need to make choices about their education and tailor their learning experience. She explains,


We create courses that have options, with multiple modalities for delivering information.

For example, perhaps you’re a working mom who doesn’t have time to sit down and read a textbook. Instead, you might choose to listen to an audio version of that textbook during your morning walk or while watching soccer practice. UMass Global gives you those options.

4. Our emphasis on hands-on learning develops skills that you can put to use immediately

We know our students are hardworking and ambitious. In fact, 90 percent of UMass Global students work while earning their degree. Many of them come into the program with the hopes of earning a promotion from their current employer or finding a new, higher-paying position.

That’s why we build our courses with your end goal in mind. We strive to create an educational environment where whatever you learn in class today, you can start applying it at work tomorrow.

“Adult learners need to have applicable knowledge. They’re not interested in busy work,” Murphy explains. “We try to make sure that every learning experience and every interaction they’re making is meaningful and transferrable immediately to what they’re doing at work.”

5. Our dedicated student support services can help you succeed

Often people assume as an online student you’ll be stuck going at it alone, but this couldn’t be further from the truth at UMass Global. Our student support services are comprised of dedicated professionals who are committed to assisting you every step of the way.

“Our mission is centered on student support, and that doesn’t change at all in an online setting,” Murphy says.

Even before you fill out an application, an enrollment coach will provide personalized support to help guide you through the process. Once you’re accepted, you’ll be matched with an academic advisor to develop a personalized education plan that fits your post-graduation goals. When you’re ready to advance your career or search for a new job, you’ll get expert advice from a career development specialist.

Our commitment to student support throughout the entire education journey is reflected by our positive student success rates.

“We offer constant support to students when they need it,” Murphy explains. “I think this is part of what makes us unique.”

Earn a better online degree with UMass Global

University of Massachusetts Global has a longstanding tradition of making high-quality online education accessible for working adults. With this in mind, you may be starting to see your educational goals come into focus.

Envision yourself among our community of likeminded learners by reading our article “8 Signs you belong at UMass Global.”

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