BA in Sociology

Learn the theories and methods necessary to analyze society. This online sociology degree program prepares students to successfully pursue careers in social and community service professions, academia, education, management, marketing, criminology, international relations, law and social justice.

Sociology Degree Overview

With a bachelor’s degree in sociology, you can apply major sociological theories and methods to gain a greater understanding of society on both a national and global scale. Graduates will be prepared to work in a broad range of careers.

As a student you will:

  • Analyze U.S. and global diversity, including the social inequalities that result. 
  • Apply major sociological theories to explain societies.
  • Master scientific writing for sociological research.
  • Employ various sociological methods to study social groups and occurrences.
  • Evaluate the structure of major social institutions and organizations.

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Summer I (May 1, 2023)

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    All of my instructors inspired me. They were working in the field as well as teaching, so the stories they shared made it relatable and attainable. The staff and faculty are all very positive and provide motivation for the students.
    Quinton J.
    B.A. Psychology
    Seeing 3 friends/co-workers graduate last May with their MBA's got me thinking. All 3 are married with young children and have jobs at least as demanding as mine. I am single with grown children. What was my excuse?
    Current Student
    MyPath MAOL
    My desire to go back to school was personal. Both my mom and dad graduated from high school, and I’m the first in my family to go on for my college education. I want to be a positive role model for my children. I can do all three – work, family and school; I didn’t have to choose.
    Brandy C.
    MBA Program

    Admission Requirements

    Applicants for this program must complete the formal application process and submit required documents. Documents required vary based on the number of transferable credits and include:


    • High school diploma or GED equivalent
    • Official high school transcript indicating the date of graduation


    • A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
    • Provide official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended
    active military?

    Admissibility and minimum transfer credit awarded will be determined based on the Community College of the Air Force, SMART, AARTS or JST transcripts.


    Only credits from regionally accredited institutions may be accepted in transfer. Failure to report any previous academic work at another college or university may be considered a violation of academic integrity.


    MAT Program Curriculum

    • Bachelor degrees require students to complete a minimum of 120 semester units which include a combination of General Education requirements and program specific requirements. In the absence of sufficient transfer credit, students may need to take additional general electives to satisfy the 120 total units for the degree which a UMass Global Academic Advisor will help you evaluate.


      Basic Skills 12
      ENGU103 Writing Communication I: Writing and Rhetoric 3
      ENGU 104 Written Communication II: Writing About Literature 3
      Quantitative reasoning 3
      Oral communication 3
      Breadth Requirements 24
      Humanities Select from 3 different areas: Communications, English, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Liberal Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies 9
      Natural Sciences Select 6 credits 6
      Social Sciences Select from 3 different areas: Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Economics, History, Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Political Science/Legal Studies, Psychology, Social Sciences, Social Work, Sociology 9
      Liberal Education Foundations 6
      LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity 3
      LBSU 304 Liberal Arts Core Foundations 3
      Total Credits 42
    • SOCU 101 Introduction to Sociology


      PSYU 301 Scientific Writing in Behavioral Social Sciences


      SOCU 301 Social Research Design


      COMU 315 Intercultural Communication


      SSCU 317 Quantitative Methods and Social Statistics


      SOCU 350 Human Diversity


      SOCU 401 Sociology of Social Conflict, Analysis, and Resolution


      SOCU 415 Sociology of Organizations and Institutions


      SOCU 436 Globalization and Social Change


      SOCU 448 Social Inequality/Stratification


      SOCU 484 Social Theory


      SSCU 494 Social Science Capstone


      Sociology Core Subtotal


      Sociology Electives (9 Upper Division Credits)


      Take courses from communications (COMU), criminal justice (CJCU), environmental sciences (ESCU), history (HISU), legal studies (LEST), marketing (MKTU), organizational leadership, (OLCU), political science (POSU), integrated social sciences (SSCU), social work (SOWK) or sociology (SOCU). Students may also select LBSU 492, Experiential Learning for 3 of the elective credits if they are interested in engaging in service learning, an internship or another type of experiential learning.


      Sociology Electives Subtotal


      Total Credits


    • SOCU 101  Introduction to Sociology


      PSYU 301  Scientific Writing in Behavioral Social Sciences


      SOCU 301  Social Research Design


      SOCU 350  Human Diversity


      SOCU 448  Social Inequality/Stratification


      SOCU 484  Social Theory


      Total Credits



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